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What is ‘Mother India Freedom’ plan?

Mother India Freedom is a unique calling card service to call India unlimited from USA & Canada at $30 a Month. You can register and call from any 2 numbers per account - mobile or office or home phones - with one call per account at any point of time. You can use convenient ‘Simple Dial’ as well as PINless feature to dial any number in India.

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Why should I sign up?

Benefits of Mother India Freedom plan:

  • Call India unlimited: Pay $30 for 2 lines monthly package
  • Unlimited calling from 2 registered phones - mobile or landline numbers.
  • No contract and disconnection fees.
  • Don’t need VoIP phone and no poor quality Internet Telephony. We use PSTN network with direct connectivity to all major Indian operators for better voice quality and faster connection.
  • Simple Dial

    • Single step dialing Vs. 3 steps dialing (access number, PIN, IVR prompt, India number). Using ‘Simple Dial’, dial India number like any local USA number.

      E.g. for local number 732 608 5006, store India destination number 011911223344555 on our website. Now to call India 011911223344555, just dial 732 608 5006 from any of the 2 registered phones.

    • Customer friendly system for automatic configuration of India number as Simple Dial number, in case you forget to store on website.

All these benefits, with the same reliable 24x7 customer support thru local/ toll free phone, call back and live chat modes.

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What is ‘Simple Dial’?

Mother India Freedom service offers ‘Simple Dial’ for convenient and faster dialing experience. We provide multiple local numbers, against which you can store frequently dialed India numbers.

e.g. for a local access number 732 608 5006, you register India number 011911223344555. Now to call 911223344555, just dial 732 608 5006. After dialing 732 608 5006, the Mother India platform recognizes the caller-id of your registered phone and automatically dials the stored India number saving you precious time.

If you forget to store India numbers as Simple Dial numbers through web, our customer friendly system will automatically configure the successfully dialed India number as Simple Dial number

e.g. You forget to store 011911223344555 against Simple Dial number 732 608 5006. You dial 732 608 5006 and IVR will prompt you to dial any India number. Say you dial 011911223344555
and if the call is completed, IVR will inform that this number is now stored as ‘Simple Dial’ number. Next time, to dial 011911223344555, you only need to dial a local number 732 608 5006!

List of ‘Simple Dial’ numbers are common to 2 registered phones per account. Please remember you can change the India number against ‘Simple Dial’ number once a month.

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How do I sign up?

Click on Mother India Freedom button on home page and you will be taken to the sign-up page.

Please enter your account information and you will be sent an email to activate the account. You click on the link and fill in Simple Dial details. You are ready to call India unlimited! If you are an existing customer of Mother India Direct then just login to your account and click on Sign up link on the main page under your account.

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How does Mother India Freedom service work?

Mother India Freedom plan is easy to use. Here is a 3 step process on how Mother India Freedom service works:

  1. On Sign-up, you can register 2 mobile or landline numbers.
  2. Login to your account, under ‘Simple Dial’ save your India numbers against the list of local access numbers provided to you.
  3. Just dial the local access number from your registered phone and our system will connect the call to your India number.
  4. For calling any number not stored as Simple Dial number, you can use PINless dialing as well.

Example : you save 011919815298152 against a local access number 732 608 5006. Now whenever you want to reach 011919815298152 just dial 732 608 5006 from your 2 registered phones and our system will connect your call to stored India number.

If you want to call the number you did not save under ‘Simple Dial’, you can use our PINless local access number and dial any india number.

Please remember you can change the India number against ‘Simple Dial’ number once a month. Service is available under only local access number only. No balance announcement and call records are applicable. Per day $1 will be deducted from your balance. Refer Terms & Conditions and other for more details

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For using Mother India Freedom from Canada, which local access number should I dial ?

You can use PINless facility to call any number in India using Access number 1-416-800-1213 from Canada.

In case you need any assistance, you can email us on info@MotherIndiaCard.com

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For using Mother India Freedom from UK, Australia, which local access number should I dial ?

You can use PINless facility to call any number in India using Access number (020)-3051-6443 from UK & 02-8014-7215 from Australia.

In case you need any assistance, you can email us on info@MotherIndiaCard.com

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How can I recharge Mother India Freedom?

For convenience, Mother India Freedom default service configuration is auto-recharge option enabled. So on 29th day after subscribing to the service, Mother India Freedom gets recharged for another 30 days period for 2 lines. User has discretion to disable the Auto-recharge option anytime during 29 days by logging-in to his My Account.

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Apart from Simple Dial, can I use PINless facility to dial any number in India?

Yes, you can use PINless facility to call any number in India, anytime from your 2 registered phonelines.

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Can I use MIF service if my phone's CLI or ANI is blocked?

MIF is ANI based service so you can’t use MIF if your phone’s CLI (caller ID) is blocked. MIF service requires your CLI or ANI for user authentication. When CLI is blocked, you will not get authenticated and not be able to use the service.

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What is Fair use policy for MIF?

Mother India Freedom service allows the user to call any number in India for personal use and subject to ‘fair use policy’. Permitted usage pattern is in line with that of a normal residential user. For maintaining network quality and uninterrupted services for other users, we monitor every customer usage and take necessary steps to prevent service overuse. The terms related to usage and discretion of Simple Network are covered under section C.7 and C.8 of the Customer Services Agreement provided on our website www.motherindiacard.com. ‘Fair Use Policy’ is based on historic usage of service and average residential customer profile which is set as 120 minutes of usage per day.

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What is ‘Mother India Direct’ plan?

Mother India Direct is an honest calling card service now in its 7th year of business. What you see is what you get! It does not have any administration fees, rental, connection fees, setup fees or any other hidden charges. Unlike many other online services, it comes with 1 Year Validity!

Mother India Direct is a prepaid international as well as domestic long distance calling card service, which offers most cost effective rates with crystal clear voice quality and 24x7 customer support.

Mother India Direct allows you to call anywhere in the world apart from India. You can call all over India at just 2 ¢ using local access number and 3 ¢ using toll free access number.

You can use service from any touch-tone phone - your cell or fixed phone, home or business phone or even a payphone.

Service also comes with many user-friendly features like PINLess as well as PINFul dialing, rechargeable PIN, Auto-recharge, Speed dialing and call details online.

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Why should I sign up?

Benefits of Mother India Direct plan

Great Savings! Most Competitive Rates! A flat rate of 2 ¢ to call all over India using local access, as well as the lowest International rates (click here to know our rates to call globally).

No Hidden Charges!: There are no access fees, connection fees, surcharges or any other hidden fees associated with Mother India Direct Long Distance Service.

What You See is What You Get! An Honest calling card service.

Validity of 1 year form the date you purchase.

Track record of 7 years! Mother India now enters into 7th year of operations and is now among top 3 calling service from USA to India.

No Switching Necessary! When you sign up you will receive a 1–800 access number and an account number. This means that you can use our services from any mobile or fixed phone without having to change your existing Long Distance Carrier.

Use From Any Phone You can use Mother India Direct from any touch-tone phone, including your cell phone, anywhere in the continental US!

Use While Traveling You can use Mother India Direct from any pay phone or hotel phone across the country. Just dial the toll-free, enter your pin number and enjoy the savings with no additional fees. If you make a call from pay phone FCC mandated pay phone surcharge may apply.

Quick PIN Access Mother India Direct offers the convenience of ANI (caller-id) recognition so you do not have to enter a PIN each time you make a call. You can program up to 10 Quick PIN Access Numbers on our website. Anytime you place a call from these numbers, you only have to dial the access number and phone number that you wish to call.

Speed Dial Numbers Program up to 10 speed dial numbers on the website. When placing a call, all you have to do is enter the desired speed dial number, followed by #, and the system will connect you.

Recharge Anytime... !!! When your balance is low just login to MotherIndiaCard.com and recharge your account.Now with ‘Simple Recharge’ you can recharge 70% faster. Read Simple Recharge for more details.

Online Account Management Log on to our website to review, manage and track account balances. You will be able to view detailed call logs, store Speed dial and Quick PIN access numbers and much, much more!

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How do I sign up?

The easiest and most convenient way is via our website. If you need any additional help or do not have Internet access, you can sign up over the phone by calling 24x7 Customer care at 1-888-801-0412.

If you are an existing customer of Mother India Freedom plan then just login into your account and click on Sign up for Mother India Direct plan.

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How does it work?

Choose the plan that fits you the most from $10, $25, $50, $100 denominations and fill out the online sign up form. During sign up you will be asked to register a phone number and your 4 digit security code.

Customer Login Upon Authorization of your credit card, your account will be immediately activated for use and you can start making calls immediately!! You can fill the Simple Recharge form to get recharge 70% faster. Read Simple Recharge for more details.

To place a call after signing up:

1. Just Dial either the

TOLL FREE ACCESS # 1-800-811-1395

2. Followed by the destination number

For USA/Canada Calls - Dial 1 + Area Code + Phone Number followed by "#" sign.
For Intl Calls - Dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number followed by "#" sign.

Cell Phone Users:

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What is ‘Simple Recharge’?

Simple Recharge is a new optimized user experience for you, 70% faster compared to conventional recharge for Mother India Direct service.

Now you can store your recharge preference and credit card information in secure manner during new registration. All you need to do is click on Simple Recharge, provide your My Account log-in details and just enter your CVV. You are done!

Your account will be credited in few minutes.

If you are an existing user and if u want to activate Simple Recharge, just provide the your recharge preference and credit card information just once.

Please note Mother India Online is a PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified, secure website for conducting transactions through credit card. All your credit card information is stored in encrypted manner and is not accessible to anyone except yourself. The PCI DSS is a worldwide information security standard defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, created to help payment card industry organizations that process card payments prevent credit card fraud through increased controls around data and its exposure to compromise. This ensures adequate level of protection for card issuers by ensuring that merchants meet minimum levels of security when they store, process and transmit cardholder data.

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Additional Features?

Last Number Redial: To redial a number press # when prompted to enter the destination number.

Balance Announcement: Every time you make a call the system will read you the balance and the minutes to the destination that you are making the call.

If you run out of minutes, you can recharge your pin online.

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What if you need to make a long distance call from a payphone or a friend's phone using Mother India Direct?

Just dial the toll-free access number (1-800-811-1395) followed by your registered phone number and PIN no. you created at sign up, followed by the destination number. This is the only time you’ll have to enter a PIN and that’s just to ensure the privacy of your account. This way you can enjoy Mother India Direct rates from anywhere. Perfect for when you're traveling or when your cell is out of battery.

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For using Mother India Direct from Canada, which access number should I dial?

For using Mother India Direct from Canada, the toll free access number 1-800-811-1395 should be dialed.

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For using Mother India Direct from UK, Australia which access number should I dial?

For using Mother India Direct from UK, the Local access number (020)-3051-6442 should be dialed.
For using Mother India Direct from Australia, the Local access number 03-9001-5712 should be dialed.

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Do I need to re-register for Mother India Freedom, if I am a current Mother India customer? Can I transfer my balance?

All current Mother India customers are allowed to purchase Mother India Freedom without re-registering i.e. they can log-in to My Account using their current user name/ password and purchase additional pack of Mother India Freedom. Please note both are different service packages and talk time balance is not transferable from Mother India Direct to Mother India Freedom or vice versa.

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Can I use Skype to call Mother India local access or Toll free number?

Yes, Skype or other internet telephony services can be used to call Mother India Direct local access numbers and you need to have appropriate credit to make calls. Toll free number calling from such services is often free. If you have a registered number for such service like SkypeIN, you can use it for PINless calling provided CLI or ANI is passed. In case you have only outgoing service like SkypeOut, you can use for making PINful calling. It is requested to verify specific details and terms with Skype or other related service providers.

Mother India will not be responsible for charges associated with the same.

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