Mother India Direct
All minutes are shown for India using Local Access Number
  • Transparent
    • What you see is what you get!
    • No rental, connection, administration fees or any other hidden charges.
    • 1 year validity for talk time.
    • Online, real time call records.
  • Affordable - 2 ¢/min to call India using local access, excellent rates to rest of the world.
  • Mobility − Call from mobile, home, business phone. Register up to 10 numbers.
  • Flexible − No contracts. $10, $25, $50, $100 prepaid denominations.
  • Quality − Excellent quality - better than Internet Telephony.
  • Convenient − Features like PINLess, Rechargeable PIN, Auto-recharge, Speed Dial.
  • Dependable − 15 Years in service, 24x7 customer support.
  • Rewarding − Refer 1 customer & get $5 worth India calling free.

Features & Benefits:

> Register 10 Numbers for PINless Dialing Offers the convenience of ANI (caller-id) recognition for 10 registered phone numbers so you do not have to enter a PIN each time you make a call. You only need to dial the access number and destination phone number.

> Last Number Redial: Press # when prompted to enter the destination number.

> Balance Announcement: Every time you make a call the system will read you the balance and the minutes to the destination you are making the call.

> Speed Dial Numbers: Program up to 10 speed dial numbers on the website. When placing a call, please enter the desired speed dial number followed by # and the system will connect you with stored number.

> No Need to Switch Your Phone Operator: With toll free and local access number, you can use our services from any mobile or fixed phone without having to change your existing Long Distance Carrier.

> Use While Traveling: Use from any pay phone or hotel phone across the country. Just dial the toll-free 1-800-811-1395, enter your PIN and enjoy the savings without any additional fees. FCC mandated pay phone surcharge apply.

> Use from Payphone or a Friend's Phone: Just dial the toll-free access number 1-800-811-1395 followed by your registered phone number, PIN and the destination number. This is the only time you’ll have to enter a PIN and that’s just to ensure the privacy of your account.

How Can You sign up?
You can sign up using web or 24x7 Customer care at 1-888-801-0412.

Please note ours is a secure website PCIDSS certified (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) for conducting transactions through credit card. Your credit card information is stored in encrypted manner.

How Does It Work?
During sign up, select card denomination, register phone numbers for PINless dialing and your 4 digit security code. Upon Authorization of your credit card, your account will be activated for use and you can start making calls!!

To place a call:

1. Dial either LOCAL or TOLL FREE ACCESS 1-800-811-1395.

2. Followed by the Destination Number:
- For USA/Canada Calls, Dial 1+Area Code+Phone Number followed by "#".
- For International Calls, Dial 011+Country Code+City Code+Phone Number followed by "#".

For more information, please refer FAQ's.