Mother India Freedom

Mother India Freedom - Best value for money

  • Convenient − Simple Dial feature, dial local number to reach India number in single step.
  • Affordable − Call India Unlimited @$30 for 2 lines monthly package.
  • Mobile − Call from home as well as mobile, 2 lines per account.
  • Flexible No contract or cancellation fees.
  • Quality − Excellent quality - better than Internet Telephony.
  • Rewarding − Refer 2 customers & get additional 7 days to your Mother India Freedom plan.
  • Dependable − 15 Years in service, 24x7 customer support.
  • Transparent − What you see is what you get!

    Unlimited usage is subject to Fair use Policy of 120 minutes per day and usage in line with that of a normal residential user.

How Mother India Freedom Works?

To call India Unlimited, follow easy 3 steps to get started:

1. During Sign-up, register 2 numbers per account - mobile or office or home phones - with one call per account permitted at any point of time.

2. Login to your account, select ‘Simple Dial’ and save your frequently called India numbers. Just dial the ‘Simple Dial’ local number from any of your 2 registered phones and our system will connect you to India number directly.

If you forget to store India numbers as ‘Simple Dial’ numbers through web, our customer friendly system will automatically configure the successfully dialed India number as Simple Dial number.

3. To call any number not stored as ‘Simple Dial’ number, you can also use PINless dialing.

Save 011911223344555 against a local access number 732 608 5006. Now to call 011911223344555, just dial 732 608 5006 from registered phones.

In case you forget to store India number for a ‘Simple Dial’ number on web, you can also call ‘Simple Dial’ number 732 608 5006 directly. IVR will prompt you to dial any India number and the system will auto-store the India number as ‘Simple Dial’ number if the call is completed. Next time, to dial 011911223344555, you only need to dial a local number 732 608 5006!

Quick Notes:
- Mother India Freedom service is available with Edison/ NJ local access number.
- If you have free long distance minutes or unlimited minutes to any USA number bundled in your Mobile or Landline number, you do not incur any additional charge to call Edison/ NJ local number. Please consult your service provider to ascertain the same.
- ‘Simple Dial’ numbers remain common for 2 registered phone numbers.
- You can change the India number against ‘Simple Dial’ number once a month.
- No balance announcement and call records are applicable. Per day $1 will be deducted from your balance and allows you to make 120 minutes of calls to any number in India.
- For convenience, by default auto-recharge option is enabled and on 29th day after subscribing, the account gets recharged for another 30 days period for 2 lines. User has discretion to disable the Auto-recharge option anytime during 29 days.

Refer Terms & Conditions and FAQs for more details.